Vigilante neighborhood plans attack on gaming misogynists

The Bully Hunters are a collective of girls folk who play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They’ve teamed as much as purpose in-recreation misogynists and trolls who harass ladies folk.

Describing themselves as a “vigilante hit squad of elite female avid gamers,” the Bully Hunters will seemingly be livestreaming their work on Thursday afternoon at 7 p.m. ET / four p.m. PT. The video above affords you a factual sense of what they’re about (warning: it comprises some solid language). The video warns: “When you suspect harassment is factual fragment of the game, all of us know who you are, all of us know what you play, and we’re coming for you.” Online games areas are notoriously adverse to avid gamers who establish as ladies folk. Now, CS:GO avid gamers who face abuse can philosophize into The crew says this will then “infiltrate CS:GO and do away with offenders from the game via the sheer pressure of their unmatched capability.” A spokesperson for the neighborhood urged Polygon that steps are being taken to root out harmful-faith actors who may stare to disrupt the narrate.

“As soon as a Bully Hunter is well-known as into the game, they’ll obtain the capability to talk straight with the sufferer and stare the topic sooner than jumping in to be definite that their wait on is certainly needed,” acknowledged the consultant. “Most critically, after the game, the Bully Hunter can evaluate the abilities and rate if the demand wasn’t kindly. The contrivance will also obtain a ratings and reporting contrivance in space so if anybody is misusing the platform they’ll eliminated from the use of it.” The spokesperson added that the identities of the Bully Hunters crew will seemingly be protected from retribution.

“They are being assigned mask names so, when in-recreation, they proceed to be anonymous.” The initiative is partly an exercise in elevating awareness about online abuse, constant with the organization. “The Bully Hunters are spreading awareness referring to the prevalent topic of in-recreation sexual harassment to spur alternate,” added the spokesperson. “They hope that via extra dialog, fewer online avid gamers will tolerate this behavior and work to build an terminate to it.” The crew needs to be definite that that they themselves aren’t considered to be conducting the contrivance of behavior they’re within the hunt for to discontinue, on the replacement hand. “The Bully Hunters will not incite or wait on extra harassment or abuse,” acknowledged the spokesperson. “They may easiest have interaction with harassers via gameplay and must unexcited do away with them from the game the use of their abilities and abilities, not harassment.” The effort is being promoted.