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Sony releases mysterious teaser for its next mobile phone

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Sony is apparently going to introduce something at Mobile World Congress next week, going off the true fact that its Xperia myth tweeted a teaser video for the annual mobile phone tournament this morning. The video shows a hand and a bunch of ripples cascading down onto it from above. It moreover says whatever this video is hinting at shall be launched on February twenty sixth.

You can survey the tweet below:

I don’t fully bring collectively what it’s alluding to. Something you’ll genuinely feel? From the sky? A tangible notification? Haptic feedback? Uh, a ripple… of air? I don’t know! It’s stressful to execute sense of a purposely cryptic video. But presumably the teaser has something to preserve out with a original mobile phone, since Sony in most cases announces original Xperia smartphones at this tournament. Those telephones are alleged to terminate support with a wide redesign this 12 months, so we shall be in a position to possess to restful uncover rapidly what that appears to be like cherish.

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