Shady cryptocurrency project brings on Steven Seagal to look mighty extra shady

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Actor Steven Seagal might maybe perchance maybe be the harbinger of the ICO apocalypse. Seagal on the present time launched his involvement with ‘Bitcoiin,’ an upcoming token that looks loads like Bitcoin, but is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Hollywood actor Steven Seagal has change into a believer of Bitcoiin2Gen (B2G), the Hollywood action essential particular person will seemingly be representing the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoiin2Gen, as a mark ambassador.

Glossing over the press free up — which become seemingly written by a chimpanzee on bathtub salts — I after all bear staunch questions about B2G, and Seagal’s involvement.

For Bitcoiin2Gen, the choice of Zen Master, Steven Seagal is evident as mark ambassador, this extends our long-time-frame dedication in direction of the community.

Let’s originate with the zen master. Name me dense, but I don’t see how it’s obvious for this man to endorse anything assorted than a martial arts movie marathon on leisurely night cable television.

As humans poke, Seagal is indubitably one amongst the worst. He’s been accused of harassing, beating, and sexually assaulting extra than one females. He’s settled proceedings for employment discrimination, wrongful termination, and failure to end sexual harassment. After which there’s the after all peculiar stuff, like accusations of human trafficking, cockfighting, and killing an 11-month-extinct home dog.

You might maybe perchance stammer he’s a minute bit of an asshole.

His historical past makes B2G’s choice to relate him on as a figurehead an peculiar choice. The firm has already raised $10 million thru its ICO, and now it’s brining on the answer to the question: What occurs in case you add a goatee to a strolling, speaking representation of the poop emoji?

Became Sisqo unavailable?

Possibly I’m missing the correlation. Ah, this must abet.

As a Buddhist, Zen trainer, and healer, Steven lives by the guidelines that the growth of the physical self is valuable to protect the spiritual man. He believes that what he does in his life is ready leading other folk into contemplation to wake them up and inform them in some manner. These are precisely the goals of the Bitcoiin2Gen to empower the community by offering a decentralized P2P payment diagram with its dangle pockets, mining ecosystem and sturdy blockchain platform without the necessity of any third celebration.

Um. Magnificent enough?

The free up also makes no stammer their own praises of Seagal’s compensation. Based thoroughly mostly on the Securities and Swap Price:

Celebrities and others are the expend of social media networks to aid the general public to grasp shares and assorted investments. These endorsements might maybe perchance maybe be unlawful if they attain now not uncover the nature, provide, and quantity of any compensation paid, at the moment or circuitously, by the firm in change for the endorsement. 

We can logically recount one amongst two things to be correct: Seagal meditated on the deserves of decentralization and decided to leap on board a unfaithful Bitcoin, or he’s being paid. B2G didn’t acknowledge when we seeking an solution.

As for the group itself, it’s hard to be impressed. The white paper is what occurs when 1,000 phrases are due, but you might maybe maybe perchance maybe easiest muster 200. It’s chock fleshy of meaningless jargon and alternate buzzwords and dives further into cryptocurrency as a full than the project itself.

It has some “uncommon capabilities” even when, like mining… um… and trading.

Bitcoiin 2Gen specializes in the popular founding father’s imaginative and prescient of what crypto currencies need to be, while incorporating the Ethereum primarily primarily based blockchain, adding to the blockchain uncommon capabilities such as Mining, Trading, and Staking of the coin, as successfully.

Please see previous bathtub salts reveal.

There might maybe be a somewhat attention-grabbing “recruitment notion” you might maybe maybe perchance maybe acknowledge from assorted “positively now not a scam” projects, BitConnect and OneCoin — each of which grew to alter into out to be pyramid schemes.

Positively now not a pyramid map

B2G, for what it’s payment, knowledgeable us it’s most positively “now not a pyramid map.” Because what else are you purported to boom, after all?

Possibly B2G is a truly legit project that’s going to switch on to alter the world — or now not now not up to confuse it into buying for a token they thought become Bitcoin. However that looks doubtful at this level. And bringing on Seagal isn’t doing mighty to instill self belief in an already imprecise project.

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