Nintendo Switch deletes playtime recordsdata after a 365 days

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Nintendo users are discovering that their logged playtime recordsdata from one 365 days in the past, when the console launched, is gone. It appears that the machine is resetting the amount of time for which games enjoy been performed since on or earlier than March 2, 2017 — suggesting that the Switch top possible tracks the month and day avid gamers first started up a game, not the 365 days.

Right here’s top possible explained with an illustrative example. Polygon obtained a pre-unencumber Nintendo Switch overview unit on Feb. 24, 2017. We started playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that same day. Even supposing we’ve poured deal of of hours into the game since then (how else originate you imagine we are capable of even enjoy made our guides?), that same Nintendo Switch now says we top possible started playing Breath of the Wild six days in the past. It appears that in the future around when the console become 1 365 days former, it erased 300 and sixty five days’ worth of assert from the Zelda playtime log.

dave’s nintendo change person profile, exhibiting the amount of time he’s spent playing zelda and diversified games
A whole 365 days’s worth of Zelda playtime recordsdata, gone. Sorry, Dave.
Dave Tach/Polygon

We already know that the Switch takes per week earlier than updating the person profile with the likelihood of hours you’ve performed a game for. That’s why our assert log top possible says after we it appears started playing the game, and never what number of hours we’ve performed it for since Feb. 24. Nonetheless it appears not going that, when day after lately rolls around and the Switch presumably begins noting our hourly playtime for Breath of the Wild, the assert log will mirror our correct historical play recordsdata.

Other early Switch adopters are reporting that their commence-day consoles — the Switch technically launched March 3 worldwide — enjoy additionally wiped their playtime recordsdata. ResetEra people and Reddit users divulge that their 500-plus hours in Breath of the Wild enjoy now been reduced to a straightforward, wrong show: “First performed zero days in the past.” Wrathful about how restricted the Switch’s assert log is anyway, that is a immense downside for somebody who likes to serve tune of their playtime.

Update: In an announcement to Polygon, Nintendo of The United States acknowledged that play recordsdata is for the time being “exhibiting incorrectly” for some users.

“Some Nintendo Switch owners’ play assert records is exhibiting incorrectly,” the firm’s assertion reads. “We’re attentive to the downside and we assign a query to to enjoy extra records to portion in any case to future.”

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