MiniDoom 2 reimagines the classic shooter as a delightfully dim 2D platformer

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It’s been 25 years since identity Tool first launched its iconic first-particular person-shooter Doom, and I restful can’t accumulate passable of the dim, demon-filled universe the firm’s dream team created. No shock I’m so taken by Studio Calavera’s swish 2D procure on the classic, which facets gorgeous pixel art work, a scorching unique soundtrack, and annoying retro platformer gameplay.

Developed by a tiny team of three, MiniDoom 2 is a remake of the unofficial 2D sport that brothers Felipe and Juan Carlos Porcel made a couple of years previously as allotment of a sport programming course they taught. This version fleshes out the premise with 17 unique ranges that encompass hundreds collectibles and secrets, besides 14 weapons impressed by your total catalog of Doom titles.

I fully got to play a couple of ranges at the fresh time, and I’m already itching to swap windows and accumulate lawful attend to it: the art work, from the comely nice looking characters to the detailed environments, besides the total in-sport items (remember these ammo pickups and color-coded keys?) and swiftly-paced action that procure you lawful attend to Hell on Mars in the 90s, albeit with a relaxing twist.

You’ll are looking out to play via several ranges proper to listen to the comely soundtrack, which facets recent preparations in step with the new sport song. Oh, and did I mention that this labor of esteem is offered free of payment? Grab the Windows version from

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