Fortnite avid gamers are in launch insurrection over shock swap to items

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The avid gamers of Fortnite’s Keep the World mode are currently revolting over an update to the game that re-rolled the stats on “Dragon Weapons,” a uncommon position of guns that might maybe also be unlocked by handing over Firecracker Tickets, the forex that might maybe also be earned real thru the game’s “Spring it On” match.

“Veritably what took place is many of us spent money and endless hours looking out to procure the ideal rolls on their Dragon weapons, esteem Crit Chance,” one player explained on Reddit. “With this modern update, Legend rerolled customarily all of each person’s Dragon weapons to turn out to be trash and pointless. And this used to be intentional by Legend. They intended to enact this. The peril is that when you happen to exercise 50+ hours or $200 looking out to procure one thing, then Legend destroys it, you’re going to be completely pissed.”

The game’s subreddit is stuffed with avid gamers who’re threatening to leave, or who’re only showing their excessive displeasure at the transfer.

Legend Video games has posted an apology to the subreddit so as to display the changes and evaluate out to personal the damage.

“After we first launched the Dragon Weapons they had been in a voice to roll utterly invalid sets of perks,” Legend explained. “They’ll moreover be very wicked (5 grey perks) or completely not most likely (5 gold perks), however in every cases they did now not practice our authorized perk rolling principles.”

Handiest some weapons and schematics had been re-rolled, per Legend’s acknowledged principles:


If the schematic didn’t personal as a minimal one blue and one gold perk — the item used to be re-rolled.

If the schematic had extra than two grey perks, Four blue perks, or Four gold perks — the item used to be re-rolled.


If the schematic didn’t personal as a minimal one blue perk — the item used to be rerolled.

If the schematic had extra than two grey perks, three blue perks, or three gold perks — the item used to be rerolled

The scheme for the long flee is to present avid gamers extra aid a watch on over their perks. “The device for re-rolling perks is actively being worked on, and can personal to composed empower you to buy and buy which perks you wish to swap on the weapon,” Legend wrote. “We’ve started some excessive stage assemble work on the weapon perk re-roll device, it’s going to beget some time.”

That would moreover be pleasant within the waste, however it doesn’t swap the reality that avid gamers suffered nerfs which will personal damage weapons they spent distinguished time, vitality or money to liberate. This breaks one in every of the largest principles of free-to-play games: Don’t manufacture the avid gamers feel as if their money and time has been wasted when you would relief it. It has to sting to be taught this methodology and exercise it successfully to craft your loadout handiest to personal an surprising swap wipe out your labor.

One player complained that they spent $800 on the game handiest to personal their items lose vitality.

“I’m devastated,” they wrote. “I’d like my money support. My loadoats are ruined. My schematics personal rerolls on them. Stat caps personal made my seven mythic leads no higher than legendaries IN TWINE PEAKS … Legend that you might maybe well maybe moreover personal merely spit within the face of your whales. Literally the worst part a f2p sport might maybe well moreover be in a voice to enact.”

Fortnite: War Royale avid gamers are sympathetic to the difficulty, and the adaptation within the tone of the communities merely now might maybe well maybe be pleasurable. One is taking part in an influx of present, satisfied avid gamers … while the replacement feels forgotten and abused.

“Even supposing I don’t play [Save the World] as distinguished as [War Royale], I’d esteem to verbalize we’re composed one community and it’s unhappy to notice this injustice done to /r/Fortnite so I’ve made this put up to repeat to them our toughen and hope that Legend can repair these issues with STW to manufacture it sport esteem the BR is now,” one player wrote.

We reached out to Legend Video games for comment, and can personal to composed update the memoir once we hear support.

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