Apple and the Case of the Mysterious 911 Butt-Dials

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Two 911 call centers in California comprise confessed to getting a total bunch of calls from a single space. The caller? Apple — particularly a repair heart in Elk Grove.

No one appears to be like to know precisely how or why these calls were made — Apple informed Buzzfeed it became as soon as responsive to the calls and became as soon as taking a look into it. The favored theory appears to be like to be that, resulting from iPhones and Apple watches ring 911 whenever you preserve one button down, workers are calling unintentionally. Jaded by thriller novels as I am, I to find it laborious to think Apple workers can create that many butt-dials that consistently from a single space. In my opinion, I believe they’re communicating in code.

Workers don’t appear like aware as soon as they create the calls — dispatchers informed CBS Native they hear folks speaking about work, as soon as they hear anything else in any appreciate. Whether it is a ways butt-dials, then somebody at that Apple facility is maintaining a ways too many gadgets in a back pocket. Either that, or one of Apple’s workers is running the enviornment’s longest, most worrying prank.

911 centers converse they’ve bought as many as 20 calls a day from the Apple space, initiating in October. In total, Apple has known as them over 1,600 conditions and waylaid who knows what number of minutes of lifesaving attention. A spokesperson from the native police division assured all americans they were working with Apple to create decided the thriller became as soon as solved. “911 is a lifeline for all americans in our community, so having these lines start and on hand is paramount and so getting this inform resolved.”

An Apple Repair Center Has Been Making Hundreds Of Unintended 911 Calls on Buzzfeed

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